Friday, 22 July 2011

Enteprise Search

70%-80% of organizations data is available in form of unstructured data e.g. word documents, spreadsheets, email, web pages to name a few. The content may be located on file servers, content management system or websites and remaining in structured data sources like database.

Enterprise Search aggregates data from all the unstructured and structured sources and facilitates the findability of the relevant information within an organization in an unified manner.

Enterprise search product implemented for one of our client feature following
  1. Integrates information from Web, internal, and external sources – providing a 360° view of market conditions.
  2. Monitors events and information – alerting analysts and decision-makers to the latest, actionable intelligence.
  3. Performs rapid search, discovery and advanced content analysis.
  4. Enables Web 2.0 style collaboration with enterprise level features and security
General issues to be addressed while implementing Enterprise search are
  1. Appropriate visualizations powered by facets
  2. Organization Taxonomy
  3. Security   
  4. Multiple systems
  5. Timezones
  6. Content sources
Hence appropriate data analysis of all the content sources is required to facilitate useful information retreival.
Search products available in Market Microsoft FAST ESP, Autonomy IDOL, Endeca, Attivio, Google search appliance, Solr etc.

Out of the above listed enterprise search products I have worked and consulted Autonomy IDOL, Microsoft FAST ESP, Google Search Appliance, Attivio and Solr.

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