Saturday, 23 July 2011

Federated Search

Problem statement
An employee in any organization looks for relevant information. This relevant information could be present on internal search engine/engines and public portal like Google, MSN, Yahoo etc. In order for an employees quest to find relevant information he has to search seperately through different internal/external search portals which is very inconvenient.

Federated Search provides solution to this problem. Federated search facilitates user with single search form to enter search query.The search query is then submitted simultaneously to all search engines and various result set are combined back in to a unified result set.

Key Issues to be taken care while implementing federated Search

  1. Organization rules for combining unified result set.
  2. Security - Mapping security across all the internal enterprise search engines.
  3. Duplicates detection and removal
  4. Managing Facets
  5. Taxonomy

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